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Tsai Hong-tu net worth is
$1.8 Billion

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T.Y. Tsai Net Worth: T.Y. Tsai came into wealth as the son of Tsai Wan-lin, the guy behind the foundation of Cathay Life Insurance. The same as his other two siblings, he inherited a rightful position in his dad’s business. Nevertheless, he preferred to offer his part to his brothers Tsai Hong-tu and Tsai Cheng-da in 2010, so that you can create a property empire. Company aside, T.Y. Tsai is an enthusiastic collector of both automobiles and artwork

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Birth date: 1952-08-01
Spouse:Huang Li-Tzu
Parents:Tsai Wan-lin, Chou Pao-chin
Siblings:Tsai Cheng-yu, Tsai Cheng-chiu, Tsai Cheng-ta

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