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Tiong Hiew King net worth is
$1 Billion

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Tiong Hiew King net worth: Tiong Hiew King is a Malaysian lumber tycoon that has a net worth of $1.9 billion. Tiong Hiew King heads the Oregon Group, a world-wide conglomerate of 5 listed and many private companies associated with forestry, palm oil, media, technology, property and hospitality. Along with his stretching Oregon Group, he possesses 7 Chinese-language papers and 30 magazines. He was likewise a former president of the World Chinese Language Press Institute.

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Birth date: 1935
Birth place: Sibu, Malaysia
Children:Tiong Ing, Tiong Ching, Tiong Chiong Hoo, Tiong Chiong Ong, Tiong Chiew, Tiong Choon
Siblings:Tiong Thai King

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