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$1 Million

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Tanya Thicke Net Worth $1 Million Dollars

Tanya Thicke net worth: Tanya Thicke, also known as Tanya Callau, was created in Bolivia. She is probably most renowned for being the wife of Canadian performer, Alan Thicke, who she wed in 2005. Alan Thicke is most commonly recognized for his work with the popular situation comedy, “Growing Pains”. She is presently co-starring around the brand new reality series, “Extraordinarily Thicke”, which follows Tanya, Alan, and Carter throughout their daily lives. In addition, it chronicles, Tanya’s interest in having a child, which might need Alan Thicke to reverse his vasectomy. The show is currently airing on the Canadian channel, Slice.

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Birth date: 1967-11-15
Death date: October 25, 2010, London, United Kingdom
Profession:Basketball player, Sports analyst
Education:University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Children:Cole Anthony

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