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Daniel Miller Net Worth

Miller, 60, was a maker who founded the London-based Mute Information and signed functions including Depeche Setting, Yazoo and Nick Cave and the Poor Seeds. Mute was bought out by EMI in 2002 and Miller, who possessed 100% of the label, received £23m and was due an additional £19m in …

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Nick Cave Net Worth

Nick Cave Net Worth $5 Million Nick Cave net worth: Nevertheless, he dropped out after two years to concentrate on developing a music career. From 1973 to 1984, he fronted the band, The Birthday Party, which became known for outrageous live performances and black lyrics. In 1984, he started performing …

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PJ Harvey Net Worth

PJ Harvey Net Worth $3 Million Dollars PJ Harvey Net Worth: PJ Harvey, or Polly Jean Harvey, was created in October of 1969 and is famous for her widespread ability base. She plays multiple instruments, has composed many of her tunes, composes poems and compositions, and contains even was employed …

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