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Freddie Wong Net Worth

Freddie Wong’s net worth is $6 million dollars. Produced in Seattle, Washington, Freddie Wong graduated from the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts. He runs two YouTube channels that have 4 million subscribers united, and have received over 700 million views. He’s the co-owner and creator of the …

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Bill Gates Net Worth

  The richest man on the planet Bill Gates net-worth is declared to have estimation of 72 billion dollars. Additionally, his annual wages reaches 1 million dollars, which likewise makes one to him of the greatest paid folks within the cosmos and raises Bill Gates net-worth a great deal. Furthermore, …

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Paul Allen Net Worth

  It’s been known that among the richest entrepreneurs and business-people within the world Paul Allen net-worth reaches 13.2 billion dollars. Programming is included by his sources of his incomes, being involved with investing, business and philanthropy. Among his most celebrated creations may be the growth of Microsoft which he …

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