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Melanie Amaro Net Worth

It’s been declared the total amount of Melanie Amaro net worth now is 5 million dollars, which she’s collected due to her career in music business. In 2011, Melanie Amaro became a victor of the very first season of The X Factor, so when a victor, she became among the …

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James Bobo Fay Net Worth

James Bobo Fay Net Worth $400,000 James Bobo Fay net worth: James Bobo Fay is an American reality television persona and commercial fisherman that has a net worth of $400,000. Bobo is hunting for Bigfoot since the 1980s and is a field caller. Due to Fay’s size and prominence he …

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David Merlini Net Worth

David Merlini is a Hungarian getaway artist he has a net worth of $3 million. David Merlini has got his net worth from his unique performances that he has additionally composed, designed, directed, and performed. He was born in Budapest in October 1978; David currently lives in Monte Carlo. Merlini …

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