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Kobe Net Worth

Kobe Bean Bryant, also known as just Kobe and “Black Mamba”, is a professional basketball player from America. For his whole career Kobe has played for the National Basketball Association’s team, Los Angeles Lakers. Since the mid 1990s, when Bryant was first drafted to play on the national league, along …

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Mayweather Net Worth

  Floyd Joy Mayweather is a professional fighter in the Usa. Floyd retains numerous honest titles, including WBA welterweight champ, WBA light-middleweight winner and greatest pound-for-pound fighter. Mayweather internet worth is now estimated at $390 million. Growing in a household of fighters had not been as interesting as it might …

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Kobe Bryant Net Worth

  Among the largest stars in sports business Kobe Bryant net-worth was estimated to reach 200-million dollars. Additionally, he is declared to have around 25 million dollars as his yearly wages, which raises Kobe Bryant net-worth with a mile and which likewise makes one to him of the greatest paid …

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