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Nikki Sixx net worth is
$45 Million

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It’s been said the total amount of Nikki Sixx internet worth reaches 45 million bucks. His net worth was collected due to his participation into music. Nikki Sixx is also referred to as a designer, photographer, writer and radio host, along with truly being a recording artist. These participations additionally added up to the whole amount of Nikki Sixx internet worth. Yet, Nikki Sixx is mainly referred to as a recording artist, that has formed a group called Motley Crue. He is involved into a few others, for example London and Sister, before he formed this group. In 2,000, Nikki Sixx got concerned into forming his sideproject, which he titled 5-8. This task contained Bucker Baker, Dave Darling and members Steve Gibb.

Nikki Sixx Net Worth $45 Million Dollars

The wear collection was made in a detailed cooperation with Kelly Grey, who formerly worked in St. John. The original goal of the wear line was to create apparel for men, yet, shortly it began creating apparel for girls, also. The group is known as among the most commercially effective hard rock teams. Additionally, Nikki Sixx continues to be involved into a number of cooperations with several other musicians, like Alice Cooper, Marion Raven, Drowning Pool plus some others. Therefore, these cooperations additionally added up to the entire quantity of Nikki Sixx internet worth.

But when his dad left the household, Nikki Sixx grew up by his mom as well as his grandparents. What’s even more, he was additionally shortly left by his mom, therefore, his grand parents got the guardianship of him. Nikki Sixx moved a lot together with his grandparents, when he was developing up. Nikki Sixx got concerned into numerous offenses, becoming involved in to many shopliftings and breaking houses of neighbours, when he was residing in Idaho.

Quick Facts

Birth date: December 11, 1958
Birth place: San Jose, California, United States
Height:6 ft (1.842 m)
Profession:Writer, Songwriter, Bassist, Musician, Fashion designer, Entrepreneur, Photographer, Author, Record producer, Radio personality
Nationality:United States of America
Spouse:Courtney Bingham (m. 2014), Donna D'Errico (m. 1996–2007), Brandi Brandt (m. 1989–1996)
Children:Gunner Nicholas Sixx, Frankie-Jean Sixx, Decker Nilsson Sixx, Storm Brieanne Sixx
Parents:Deana Richards, Frank Ferranno
Siblings:Rodney Anthony Feranna
Music groups:Mötley Crüe (Since 1981), Sixx
Nominations:Goodreads Choice Awards Best Memoir & Autobiography
Movies:Motley Crue: Carnival of Sins, Motley Crue: VH1 Behind the Music, Motley Crue: Feeling Good: Interviews

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