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Maria Luisa Solari Falabella net worth was
$2.8 Billion

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Maria Luisa Solari Falabella Net Worth: In addition to her daughter Cecilia Karlezi Solari, Maria entered the set of Chile’s most affluent individuals thanks to some position in SACI Falabella. Founded back in 1889 by Maria’s great grandfather, SACI Falabella is now the biggest retail business by market capitalization in Chile. Solari enlarged Falabella’s variety of work into clothes and housewares, at the same time as he brought in members of his family who helped the business grow farther. Eventually, Falabella has become a Latin powerhouse that’s more than 80,000 workers across Colombia, Peru, Chile and Argentina. While the primary charge of the business falls in the hands of the Solari family, members of the del Rio Goudie family also hold important positions. Among the low profile players in the business, Maria Luisa was fined by Chilean authorities in 2008 for trading on inside information in a unsuccessful 2007 amalgamation.

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Birth date: January 1, 1941
Death date: November 2, 2015

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