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$5.2 Billion

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Frederik Paulsen Net Worth: A novice to billionaires’ groups, Frederik Paulsen inherited a modest drugmaker from his dad who set up the company some sixty years back. In the time Frederik took on the control of the business in 1983, it produced $15 million in sales per annum. Besides making the business grow, he’s been actively contributing to philanthropic endeavors throughout the planet ever since 1998. He gave $10 million to support the removal of rats on the isle South Georgia, Falklands. Frederik Paulsen is also constructing fertility practices in Russia, one in every couple of years, to quit the severe population decline in the united states. Moreover, he given over $3 million and a large number of tapestries to the kingdom of Bhutan, all in a effort to strengthen its new Royal Textile Academy. An excellent adventurist, he handles himself with three to four extreme excursions annually.

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