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Finn Rausing net worth is
$5.1 Billion

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Finn Rausing was born to an opulent Swedish family, whose most conspicuous member is Tetra Pak’s creator Ruben Rausing. Finn Rausing has followed the course of his ancestors leading to the development of the household conglomerate. He joined the group of world’s most affluent in 2013 after his widowed mother, Birgit Rausing, granted her portion of your family fortune to her three kids, as it had been affirmed by the family-owned firm, Tetra Laval. Finn has a seat on Tetra Laval’s board together with his sibs Kirsten and Jorn. The Tetra Pak firm, that was set up by their grandfather, devised aseptic-packaging technology that makes drinks like milk and orange juice to be kept without refrigeration. It is true some disapproved of the invention for being overly hard to recycle, but in spite of this, Tetra Pak has become the principal subsidiary of Tetra Laval. Finn, the same as other members of the family, is known for keeping a low profile, particularly after an unsuccessful effort to abduct his brother Jorn near his house in Sweden in 1989.

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Birth date: 1954-01-01
Parents:Gad Rausing and Birgit Rausing
Siblings:Kirsten Rausing

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