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$1.4 Billion

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Edward Stack Net Worth: The best part is the fact that it had been started by his dad in 1948 as fishing bait store in Binghamton, New York using $300 of his mom’s economies. In 1984, Edward W. Stack took over the company purchasing the two shops owned by his dad. He’s since enlarged the business and took it public in 2002. Now, the retail chain has 500 places in 44 states. Among other things, Dick’s Sporting Goods is among the biggest firearm retailers in the united states. Nevertheless, following a December 2012 mass school shooting in Newton, Connecticut, the shops did not have other option but to freeze the sale of high-powered rifles. Edward Stack is the largest individual investor in the firm with %15 share, whereas his ex wife also possesses a little percentage of positions.

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Birth date: March 9, 1936
Nationality:United States
Spouse:Toby Lerner
Children:Andrew Ansin, James Ansin, Stephanie Ansin
Parents:Sidney D. Ansin

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