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Edir Macedo net worth is
$1.1 Billion

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Edir Macedo Net Worth: Edir Macedo is a Brazilian religious leader and leading media baron that has a net worth of $1.1 billion. New to the billionaire groups, Edir Macedo is the Chairman and Owner of Brazil’s second-largest television network Rede Record. Raised as Catholic, Macedo converted into a Pentecostal by the early 1970s. Over time, it’s developed into among the greatest and in the exact same time most controversial religions in Brazil. But, most of Macedo’s bundle comes from his possession of Rede Record, which he bought in 1990 from fellow billionaire Silvio Santos. Many suppose that he used church funds to help make the acquisition. But that is not all as he also possesses W67CI, a Telemundo affiliate located in Atlanta.

Quick Facts

Birth date: 1945-02-18
Birth place: Rio das Flores, RJ,
Profession:Televangelist, Theologian, Preacher, Businessperson
Spouse:Ester Bezerra
Children:Cristiane Cardoso, Viviane Freitas, Moisés Bezerra
Parents:Eugenia de Macedo Bezerra, Henry Bezerra

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