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Dinara Kulibaeva Net Worth

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Dinara Kulibaeva net worth is
$1.3 Billion

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Dinara Kulibaeva Net Worth 2017, Biography & Wiki

Dinara Kulibaeva is the 2nd daughter of Kazakhstan’s president, Nursultan Nazarbaev. Dinara Kulibaeva and her husband Timur Kulibaev possesses shares in Halyk, Kazakhstan’s third-biggest bank, that was created back in 1923. Because of the always growing Halyk Bank and its own increasing stock price (up more than 40% before year), Dinara is recorded as the 4th most affluent Kazakh man by March 2013. In line with the bank’s official website, it’s the largest branch network consisting of 560 outlets all over the united states, with 1,913 ATMs and 5,977 POS terminals, as well as subsidiary company-banks in Russia, Kyrgyzstan and Georgia. Additionally, she also serves as Executive director of her dad’s instruction foundation that delivers support to impoverished students. Among other things, she’s a graduate of the Institute of Theater Arts, in Moscow, as well as a mom of three kids. Dinara Kulibaeva Net Worth

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Birth date: 1967-01-01
Education:Boston University
Spouse:Hasnaa Abou Sabaa
Children:Dana Hariri, Bahiya Hariri
Parents:Nidal Bustani, Rafic Hariri
Siblings:Saad Hariri

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