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Daniel Bryan net worth is
2 Million

Bryan Danielson's salary (annual):
$2 Million

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Daniel Bryan is a master of his craft, he’s one among the greatest fit wrestlers who understood means to evoke fire on the list of group through his bizarre actions and arouse the from their slumber. The master of his craft is a vital player of WWE stadium, and contains quite a few accolades in his name, including having won the very best Technical Wrestler award 7 times on a trot. Weight: 95 Kg or 210 pound. Partner: Daniel Bryan wedded withBrie Bella in 2014.

Daniel Bryan Net Worth $2 Million Dollars

Daniel Bryan Livelihood and Earnings Upon Graduation in 1999, Daniel Bryan cannot hold his impulse for wrestling, and registered in a wrestling school, and after Shawn Michaels took him under his wings. Daniel Bryan raged to the universe of professional wrestling in the promotional occasion of TWA, a brain child of Shawn Michaels’. Then in 2000 he made his first mark by winning the tournament in a team occasion.

Having done along with his wrestling in the home, he ventured out to Japan as a part of Ring of Honor between 2002 and 2006, and finally won the World Championship. After he joined the station wagon of WWE. And along with all the TV reality series of which Daniel became a part, he’s shot up his net worth to $2 million. Daniel also made his contribution in a wrestling documentary that was shot in 2009, and he’s also added his voice to get a tune focused on a wrestling legend. The super star because of his unprecedented achievement, and mass following, has Tshirts, accessories, and DVDs ranges that are selling like hot cakes on the official WWE online store.

Daniel Bryan’s career was marred with injuries, and his pin downs, and controversies, however he kept his ante upward, and has taken his victories and defeats in an identical step. The master of his craft is a show stealer, how understands the tricks to involves the crowd along with his chant of ‘yes’ which has become interchangeable with him.
Daniel Bryan House Daniel lives in a home in Arcadia place in Phoenix, Arizona, along with the property got the headlines for failed burglary plus among the burglars finished becoming pinned down by Daniel in a chokehold before police walked in.

Daniel can also be known for his love for creatures, and was honored by means of an award by PETA in 2012.

Quick Facts

Birth date: May 22, 1981
Birth place: Aberdeen, Washington USA
Height:1.73 m
Profession:Professional wrestler
Education:Aberdeen-Weatherwax High School, attended Dean Malenko's wrestling school, later Texas Wrestling Academy
Spouse:Brie Bella (m. 2014)
Parents:Darlene Jean Danielson, Donald Orrin Danielson
Siblings:Kelly Marlene Sutera, Billie Sue Deck, Jason Brown, Jeri Ann Nagala
Awards:WWE World Heavyweight Champion (3 times), WWE Tag Team Champion, WWE United States Champion, WWE Intercontinental Champion, Twenty-sixth Triple Crown Champion and Fifteen Grand Slam Champion,
Movies:The Flintstones & WWE: Stone Age SmackDown!, WWE Hall of Fame 2010
TV shows:The Rage, Flight of the Valkyries, Ride of the Valkyries

Interesting Facts

1Published author.
2Formerly a vegan, Danielson developed a sensitivity to soy-based proteins. That, combined with the difficulty in finding non-soy vegan protein products, especially while spending months at a time on the road, made it virtually impossible for him to continue. As a result, he had to incorporate various lean meats into his diet, but still maintains a largely vegetarian lifestyle when possible.
3His "Yes" chant has caught on so feverishly with fans that the mere mention of his name has, on several occasions, caused fans to chant it over wrestlers who are talking, or to hijack segments of WWE programming or wrestling matches which he is not (or minimally) involved in, much to the (occasionally legitimate) annoyance of management and other wrestlers.
4Chicago, IL, USA: Wins the WWE United States Championship by making The Miz tap out at Night of Champions. [September 2010]
5Wrestling in FCW, a WWE developmental territory under the name "Daniel Bryan" [February 2010]
6Appearing on "WWE NXT" with The Miz as his mentor [February 2010]
7Signed a deal with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) [August 2009]
8Baltimore, MD, USA: Wins the WWE World Heavyweight Championship by cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase on The Big Show at TLC. [December 2011]
9Made his WWE debut in a dark match defeating Chavo Guerrero. [January 2010]


1Trademark Move (independent circuit): Cattle Mutilation (Bridging double chickenwing)
2Trademark Move (independent circuit): Crossface chickenwing, sometimes with bodyscissors
3Trademark Move: Multiple kicks to an opponent's head or chest, followed by a roundhouse kick to the head
4Finishing Move: The Yes Lock/The No Lock/LeBell Lock (Omoplata crossface)




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Archive Footage

Archive Footage

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