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Bruce Nordstrom net worth is
$1.74 Billion

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Bruce Nordstrom Net Worth: During the time, he was working in the stockroom on the sales floor of the business making 25 cents an hour or so, a strong beginning because of its future president. Produced on October 1, 1933, he took a degree in economics in the University of Washington in 1955, after which he formally joined the firm. In his 40 years of direction, he’s transformed the business from an operator of seven shoe stores to more than 156 shops in 27 states, along with a European chain of boutiques. When it comes to business’s sales, it grew from $40 million to $8 billion. Now the firm is headed by his son Blake who works on its future growth. Already having created huge on-line operation that serves customers in 44 states, Nordstrom is about to start a full-line 285,000-square foot New York City place on West 57th Street by 2018.

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Birth date: 1933-10-01
Profession:Philanthropist, Businessperson
Education:University of Washington
Spouse:Jeannie Nordstrom
Children:Blake, Erik and Peter Nordstrom
Parents:Everett Nordstrom
Siblings:Anne Gittinger

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