Britney Spears’ New Single ‘Work Bitch’

How rich is Britney Spears’ New Single ‘Work Bitch’?

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It’s Britney, b**ch! Brit is back sounding awesome with her new hit track, ‘Work B**ch,’ and we’re so obsessed already. Truthfully, we haven’t loved a tune of hers that much because ‘Circus!’ Good return, woman!
Britney appeared hotter than ever before in her new cover artwork for “Work Bi**h” and presently the tune, which leaked a day early on Sept. 15, demonstrates it was worth the wait! Pay attention to her new hit beneath.

‘Work Bitch’ – Britney Spears’ New Song

However, as things often go nowadays, the track hit the web before than intended. It’s safe to say this isn’t the Britney we’re accustomed to hearing. Arriving ferocious having a dance club beat that almost feels to be an alarm, Britney does more commanding than singing, as she frequently tells somebody that they “better work, bi**h.” It’s kind of like a more grownup way of saying, “Come and get it”.

The artist is undoubtedly mixing things up – – getting a quite new sound – – and we must commend her for this. There’s a motive Britney has remained important after all of those years — she isn’t scared of attempting something new when she makes a creative pick she sticks to it 100%. “Work Bi**h” demonstrates that she may actually be this generation’s Madonna.
She teased us on Sept. 12 using the cover artwork for the only — her looking hotter than ever before in a plunging leotard and boa specified by the Blonds.

Pay attention to the brand new tune below, and tell us exactly what you believe!

Listen: ‘Work Bitch’ – Britney Spears:

Is Britney Spears’ New Single ‘Work Bitch’