Andy Bechtolsheim Net Worth

Andy Bechtolsheim Net Worth

How rich is Andy Bechtolsheim?

Andy Bechtolsheim net worth is
$4.3 Billion

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Andy Bechtolsheim Net Worth 2017, Biography & Wiki

Andy Bechtolsheim net worth: Andy Bechtolsheim is a German billionaire that has a net worth $4.3 billion dollars. Produced in Bavaria, Germany, Andy Bechtolsheim grew up mostly isolated, and started experimenting with electronic equipment to pass the time while he was in elementary school. By age 16, he’d designed an industrial control, the selling of which financed his instruction. Bill Joy joined the team, and together with the development of the Sun 1, the business was off and running. By 1988, only six years after its foundation, Sun Microsystems was worth $1 billion. Experimenting with electronic equipment as a kid, Andy designed an industrial control system on the Intel 8008 to get an area business in the age of sixteen. The organization ‘s owners supported his schooling. Shortly, Andy took work at Stanford University, where he designed a strong workstation (computer) named following the initials of the Stanford University Network, SUN workstation. Ten years after, Andy became an investor who’s regarded as an “angel investor” as he composed the initial check of $100,000 to Google Inc. This first investment is currently worth more than $2 billion. He’s also invested in several jobs that brought him a majority of cash. Furthermore, with the billionaire David Cheriton, he’s commenced three distinct technology firms that focused on IT networking. Andy can also be an associate of the National Academy of Engineering, who won many awards like a Stanford Entrepreneur Business of the entire year award plus a Smithsonian Leadership Award for Innovation.

Quick Facts

Birth date: September 30, 1955
Birth place: Ammersee, Germany
Profession:Electrical engineer, Engineer, Computer Scientist
Education:Carnegie Mellon University (1976), Stanford University




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