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Andrei Kozitsyn Net Worth

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Andrei Kozitsyn net worth was
$2.1 Billion

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Andrei Kozitsyn joined the billionaires’ groups as the head of copper company Urals Mining and Metals Company (UMMC, also called UGMK). Born and raised in the Urals, he studied metallurgy and he first began to act as a machinist at Uralelectromed, now UMMC’s major factory. Having joined UMMC in 1979, he slowly rose through the ranks becoming a manager in 1995. Under his seven-year directorship, the factory expanded its operations beyond mining and metals also handling agricultural, building and telecom firms in the Urals. As close company associate to billionaire Iskander Makhmudov, Andrei Kozitsyn was helped by him when it involves building holdings in Urals mining and metallurgy. In 2013, UMMC reinforced its controlling position in Transgroup AS, a business that transports both commodities and passengers. The above price resulted in Kozitsyn bringing in a position in a transportation company possessed by Makhmudov.

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Birth date: 1942-12-17
Death date: 1957, Madrid, Spain
Education:Complutense University of Madrid
Spouse:Esther Koplowitz, Marquise of Cubas

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