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David Guetta Net Worth

“I don’t actually care about that. I simply need to make beats”,- David Guetta. Born on November 7, 1967, Pierre David Guetta, popularly called David Guetta, is one of the most successful of his music genre of House, Progressive House, Techno, even emerging in to new kinds of music. Guetta …

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Kurt Cobain Net Worth

  Kurt Cobain is one of many most well-known rock stars on earth. It was said that Kurt Cobain net-worth is as large as 100-million dollars. Kurt Cobain was usually known as a result of his group called “Nirvana”. He was 1 of the key song writers also as 1 …

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Celine Dion Net Worth

  Among the most used and the most successful singers ever Celine Dion net-worth can be believed to be 400 million dollars. Her activities include singing, songwriting as well as performing. These three areas will be the primary fields that she gets her fundamental net worth. Based on Forbes, Celine …

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