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April and Phil Margera Net Worth

April (a hairdresser) and Phil Margera (an accountant) are American television personalities and have a net worth of $5 million. April and Phil Margera have made their net worth through their many television appearances and by being the the parents of Jackass star Bam Margera. April has starred in movies …

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Brandon Dicamillo Net Worth

  Brandon DiCamillo, most famous for his work in the comedy franchise Jackass, has a net worth of $650,000. His net worth may not look much for a famous person in the comedy troupe, but he has his fare share of acclaim from other stations at the same time. His …

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Manny Puig Net Worth

Manny Puig is an American creature expert and reality TV star who has a net worth of $1.5 million dollars. He began spear fishing in the Florida Keys, and eventually graduated to filming his journeys through the Florida Everglades carrying only a shotgun along with a frying pan. He became …

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Brandon Novak Net Worth

When it comes to day, Brandon Novak net worth is estimated at $400 thousand, so he’s undoubtedly not the most affluent man you are able to read around with this site, however he’s still quite rich and well-known in the realm of skaters and CKY Crew enthusiasts. The name Brandon …

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Missy Margera Net Worth

Missy Margera Net Worth $1 Million Missy Margera was born in Springfield, Pennsylvania, and graduated from Penn State University having a diploma in Communications. She rose to national attention after she wed Bam Margera, an expert skateboarder and stunt man for MTV. MTV chronicled the weeks before their marriage in …

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Bam Margera Net Worth

It’s been stated that Bam Margera net-worth is about 45 million dollars. He made his livelihood for a radio and tv star, also professional skateboarder and dare-devil. Apparently, Bam Margera whose actual name is Brandon Margera has expressed interest in many various fields. The star was born in PA and …

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