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Tommy Sotomayor Net Worth

Tommy Sotomayor Net Worth $1.5 Million Tommy Sotomayor is also called “TJ” or “Mr. Controversy”. He also runs the web site SoyomayorTV.com. He became popular on YouTube to get a tirade about African American girls. In one of his YouTube videos, he made shocking accusations attributing black women for young …

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Evelyn Lozada Net Worth

It’s been estimated the overall amount of Evelyn Lozada internet worth reaches 1.5 million bucks. Through really being a successful aspiring design Her net worth have been accumulated by her. In addition, she’s also referred to as a television reality show star, that is another significant source of Evelyn Lozada …

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Alex Rodriguez Net Worth

Among the most fascinating questions within the circuit of Hollywood gossips is what the approximation of Alex Rodriguez net-worth is. Consequently, it’s been declared that his net-worth reaches 300 million dollars. Furthermore, Alex Rodriguez yearly income can be believed to be around 33 million dollars. Alex Rodriguez is well known …

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Kristian Nairn Net Worth

Kristian Nairn Net Worth $500,000 Dollars Kristian Nairn Net Worth: He’s famous for playing the part of Hodor in the TV series Game of Thrones. Nairn came out openly as gay on a Game of Thrones fan site in March 2014. His first and best known TV role came as …

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