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Nikolai Fraiture Net Worth

Nikolai Fraiture Net Worth $10 Million Dollars Nikolai Fraiture Net Worth: Nikolai Fraiture was born in NYC, NY in November 1978. He received his first bass guitar from his grandpa as a graduation present at 16 years old. Their debut studio album Is This It was launched in 2001 on …

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Nick Valensi Net Worth

Nick Valensi Net Worth $10 Million Dollars Nick Valensi Net Worth: Nick Valensi was born in NYC, NY in January 1981. The record went Platinum and split the top five on the charts in Australia, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, as well as the united kingdom. The record featured the singles “Difficult …

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Johnny Ramone Net Worth

Johnny Ramone Net Worth $10 Million Dollars Johnny Ramone Net Worth: Johnny Ramone was born in Long Island, Ny in October 1948 and passed away in September 2004. Johnny was a founding member of the Ramones and remained together with the group because of its whole career. The Ramones were …

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John Bonham Net Worth

John Bonham Net Worth $10 Million Dollars John Bonham Net Worth: John Bonham was born May 31, 1948, Redditch, United Kingdom. In his early years as a budding musician, John Bonham struck up a friendship using a fellow drummer who resided nearby named Garry Allcock. Based on John’s brother, Michael, …

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