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$2.2 Billion

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John Pritzker Net Worth: His grandpa Abram Nickolas Pritzker, a.k.a. A.N. Pritzker, found Marmon Industrial Group and Hyatt Hotels jointly with his sons Donald, Robert, and John’s dad Jay. In 2007, Pritzker family sold Marmon’s commanding position for $4.5 billion to Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway. A decade later, he became Managing Director and Divisional Vice President, but just after few years, John left the Hyatt company, and became among the creators of Ticketmaster. Subsequently, in 1996, John created Mandara Spa, a chain of over 70 resort spas, which he needed to unite with Hyatt Hotels, but it winded up in the total possession of Hyatt. In 2005, jointly with his associate Tom Gottlieb, he established the private equity firm Geolo Capital that has been focused on investments in amusement, hospitals, and health and wellness businesses. After five years, Pritzker determined to sell his shares to his family, and purchased the controlling position in the Joie de Vivre, a chain of boutique hotels. Another year, he combined the 30 resorts of Joie de Virve with the 12 resorts of Thompson Group possessed by Pomeranc family, to develop Commune Hotels & Resorts. By 2012, Commune Resorts had got over 45 resorts and reached sales of $450 million, and now, it’s creating a low cost resort brand named Tommie in the Flatiron district of Manhattan, that may begin in 2014. Along with his resorts, Pritzker had an investment in Local TV Holding, which declared that it’d sell 29 stations to Tribune Co. for $ 2.7 billion. Also, he and his wife Lisa own The Lisa and John Pritzker Family Fund that is focused on Jewish causes, civic actions, and children’s well-being and schooling.

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