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Issad Rebrab Net Worth

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Issad Rebrab net worth is
$3.2 Billion

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Issad Rebrab Net Worth: Mr. Rebrab climbed to billionaires’ positions this year thanks to his remarkable $3.5 billion (sales) food company, Cevital. An accountant by training, he set up the company back in 1998. But prior to founding Cevital, he invested into among his customer’s alloy business in 1971 and ultimately expanded into food some twenty seven years afterwards. Even though in a state with socialist policies hostile to entrepreneurs, Issad Rebrab has steadily led his business into success. Now, Issad Rebrab has his five kids work at Cevital. Unusual as it might seem, but the guy who had been once a son of militants who fought for Algeria’s independence from France is now among the very influential people in his state.

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Birth date: 1944-05-27
Birth place: Tagumount-Azzouz village, Kabylie
Spouse:Mrs Rebrab
Children:Lynda Rebrab, Salim Rebrab, Omar Rebrab, Malik Rebrab, Yassine Rebrab

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