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Hans Riegel net worth was
$2.9 Billion

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Hans Riegel Net Worth: Hans Riegel is the Gummy Bear billionaire, or in other words he’s amassed his fortune as owner and leader of the confectioner Haribo. Perhaps it is not clear, but the name is an acronym for Hans Riegel, Bonn. The company grew despite the poor market in Europe as well as the unfortunate happenings on the political landscape. Now, Haribo is among the largest producers of gummy and jelly sweets, and is credited for the creation of more than 200 sweets, including Gummy Bears, Vademecum sugarfree chewing gum and Maoam fruit chewies among other jelly sweets and liquorice. Hans Riegel and his brother Paul restored the business after the Second World War and managed it together until Paul’s death in 2009. All the brothers had a 50% position in the company. But since Hans expired single with no kids, the whole business now is owned by Paul and his heirs.

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Birth date: 1923-03-10
Death date: 2013-10-15
Birth place: Bonn
Education:University of Bonn
Parents:Hans Riegel, Sr.
Siblings:Paul Riegel

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