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$50 Million

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Dr. Nakamats net worth: His creations in many cases are a little wacky, and he’s become somewhat of a star, both in Japan and abroad, for the utter weirdness of the things he’s created. He promises to hold almost 4000 patents, but some doubt the truth of the claim. A few of his creations contain “PyonPyon”, shoes with leaf springs in them for leaping; a CD for improving sexual function; eye-formed spectacles, so the eyeglasses seem to vanish; a wig outfitted having a weight for self defense; and floppy disk covers. He’s really most well-known for his claim he invented the floppy disk and sold the technology to IBM. IBM refuses this, but says they’ve bought permits for a number of his other creations.

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Birth date: 1978-04-29
Birth place: Camarillo, California, U.S.
Profession:Tennis player
Education:Stanford University
Spouse:Michelle Alvarez
Children:Micaela Bryan
Parents:Kathy Bryan, Wayne Bryan
Siblings:Mike Bryan
Nominations:Best Male Tennis Player ESPY Award

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