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Penelope Cruz Net Worth

  Penelope Cruz is among the most famous performers in the universe. She’s also known as among the most successful performers of Latin source. It’s been declared the present size of Penelope Cruz net worth achieves as large as 55 million bucks. As well as her profession as an actress, …

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Monica Cruz Net Worth

Monica Cruz Net Worth $10 Million Monica Cruz net worth: Monica Cruz has appeared in Jerry Cotton, Iron Cross as well as The Ultimate Inquiry. She showed such promise as a child that she became a pupil at Spain’s Royal Academy of the Dance, specializing in ballet and flamenco. When …

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Rachel Roy Net Worth

Rachel Roy net worth: Rachel Roy is an American fashion designer that has a net worth of $12 million. She was raised along with her brother, Rajendra Roy, who’s now the Main Movie Curator in the Museum of Modern Art in Nyc. She got her first job in vogue in …

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Pedro Almodovar Net Worth

  Pedro Almodovar is a Spanish film director, producer, screenwriter, and former performer with a net worth of $20 million. Pedro began El Deseo, a Spanish film production company with his younger brother who has also created most of Pedro’s films. Pedro received an honorary doctoral degree from Harvard University …

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Ariadna Gil Net Worth

  Ariadna Gil Net Worth $8 Million Dollars Ariadna Gil Net Worth: She was born Ariadna Gil Giner in Barcelona, Spain in January 1969. Shestudied the violin and sang and danced as a youngster. She occasionally sang with her brothers inside their group Matamala. Gil played in local theatre and …

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